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Disneyland® Paris 5k

Are there awards for the Disneyland® Paris 5K?

This is not a timed run, so there won't be any ranking or winners, but all finishers will receive a medal for taking part in the race

How many water stops will be located on the Disneyland® Paris 5K?

Refreshments will be available after the course. For the comfort of the riders, the organizer reserves the right to add additional points of water. These will appear on the official race map.

Is my child able to run alone?

Children from 5 to 11 years old (age on day of the race), must be accompanied (on all racecourses) by an adult, also registered with a bib for the Disneyland® Paris 5K race. An adult can look after a maximum of 3 children (from 5 to 11 years old).
Children from 12 to 17 years old can run on their own.

Is the Disneyland® Paris 5K a timed race?

The Disneyland® Paris 5K is an untimed event; no race results will be available.

What time do I need to be in my assigned corral?

Participants will need to be in their assigned corral no later than 30 minutes prior to the race. For a better organization, we advise you to be there 1 hour before your race start. Runners who arrive after the start of the Disneyland® Paris 5K starts will not be allowed to take part in the race.

Where will the 5K take place?

The Disneyland® Paris 5K will take place in Disney® Parks starting and finishing near Disney Village®.

Will there be a stroller division for the Disneyland® Paris 5K?

The Disneyland® Paris 5K does not offer a stroller division. For the safety of all participants, strollers will not be allowed on the race course.

What is the age requirement for the Disneyland Paris 5K?

Participants must be at least 5 years old on the day of the race to take part in the Disneyland® Paris 5K.