Visual Deficient Athletes, Athletes in Wheelchairs are eligible to participate in the 5K, 8K, 10K and the half marathon races: (see condition below).
“joëlettes” are eligible to participate in the 10K and the half marathon races. (see condition below).

The Paralympic road race is subject to the official rules of "off-stadiums" races of the FFA.
Registration for the event and presentation of the medical certificate or license are mandatory for all participants (disabled, guides and "joëlettes").
To ensure their safety and to facilitate their start, the organization asked the disabled riders allowed to participate, to contact them by sending us a message to before June 1st, 2020.

To ensure the safety of all the participants of the half marathon, the organization may be forced to take some provisions (ex: limitation of the number of disabled participants...). Thank you for your understanding.


Visual Deficient Athlete:

  • If the runner is accompagnied with a guide, the guide shall have booked a valid bib for the race.
  • In order to facilitate interactions with the organization and other runners, a sticker will be given to the disabled athlete upon presentation of an official document (such as a Blue Badge) at the Disney Events Arena.
  • For organization and security matters, the guide must be identified as such, with a « GUIDE » sticker, available upon request at the Disney Events Arena.
  • It will be impossible to run accompanied by a service animal.
    Therefore, we offer services of human guides to the registered participants who would like or need further assistance.
    Please contact before June 1st, 2020 to submit your request for a guide.

Wheelchair Athlete:

  • Important: Wearing a homologated helmet is compulsory.
  • The athlete must have a competition wheelchair (three wheels with braking device) which complies with IPC (-direct manual propulsion on handrails). He must be able to operate it in all circumstances.
  • To ensure the safety of runners, an early start will take place for disabled runners.

The "Hand-bike or Hand-Cycling" is not allowed at this event. This activity is considered to be a cycling sport.


"Joëlettes" are eligible to participate in the 10K and the Half-Marathon races.

For safety reasons, maximum 10 "Joëlettes" are authorized for each race departure.