After the booking*, all runners receive an e-mail inviting to connect to their runners profile.
All races booked will appear on the profile.
You will be able to fill in the personal details for each runner (t-shirt size, date of birth) and upload the documents required (medical certificate, proof of time if needed etc…)
*Please note that the registration platform is not opened right after the booking. More information to come on this website and the social media, stay tuned!


Please note that no registration for the Disneyland Paris–Val d’Europe Half  Marathon will be confirmed without providing a valid medical certificate.

Foreign participants are required to provide a medical certificate of "No contraindication to the practice of sport in competition, Athletics in competition, or running in competition“ even if they have a competition license issued by a federation affiliated to the FFA. This certificate dating from less than one year on the day of the race, must be written in French, dated, signed and allow the authentication of the doctor, whether he is established or not in the national territory. If it is not written in French language, it must be supplied with a translation into French.

Your medical certificate has to fulfill the following conditions:

  • it has to be translated into French
  • it has to be issued and signed by a doctor, stamped and signed.
  • It has to be delivered less than one year on the day of the race
  • It has to include one of the following sentences; "no contraindication to the practice of running in competition“, or “no contraindication to the practice of Athletics in competition”, “no contraindication to the practice of sport in competition”

Your license must be valid the day of the race and delivered by FFA only.

The medical certificate will be asked during the finalization of your registration online and will be subject to validation by the organization. A downloading tool will be available. In order to avoid any mistake, we recommend runners to use our template.

Please download the template of the medical certificate.


For more information about the medical certificate and the license, please check the official race rules.


Please note:
No race numbers will be sent by mail. No race numbers will be given on the day of the race. If a medical certificate is not provided by the day of the race, you will not be allowed to take part in the race.



If you are able to finish the Disneyland Paris–Val d’Europe Half  Marathon in less than 1:30 hours, a proof of time will be required to be part of the first group's departure. Otherwise no proof of time is required, you will only have to enter a time higher than 1:30 hours. Please refer to the pacing chart available below, for arrival times and pacing per kilometer.


If you would like to provide a proof of time, it has to be submitted during the finalization of your registration online. It has to be from a certified race, 10K or longer in which runner participated after May 1st, 2019 and specifying:

  • Name of the race
  • Distance
  • City/State
  • Date of the race
  • Finish time

If no proof of time or even an estimated finishing time is submitted before August 28, 2020, the data will be considered as incomplete or unverified. You will be placed in the last group of departure. You will be able to submit your estimated finishing time during the finalization of your registration online.
No change of starting group will be made after August 28, 2020.



  • All runners must complete the Disneyland Paris-Val d'Europe Half Marathon, Disneyland Paris 10K and Disneyland Paris 5K within 16 minutes per mile pace.
  • A training pace of 15-minute per mile pace is recommended.
  • Pace cyclists will be on the course indicating when runners are behind the required 16 minutes per mile.
  • Runners unable to maintain the pace may be picked up at any point along the course and transported to the finish line area.

To help you calculate your estimated finishing time, please use the following race pacing chart:


Pace (mn per Mile) Pace (mn per km) Half Marathon
06:00 03:44 01:19:00
06:30 04:02 01:25:00
07:00 04:21 01:32:00
07:30 04:40 01:38:00
08:00 04:58 01:45:00
08:30 05:17 01:51:00
09:00 05:36 01:58:00
09:30 05:54 02:04:00
10:00 06:13 02:11:00
10:30 06:31 02:18:00
11:00 06:50 02:24:00
11:30 07:09 02:31:00
12:00 07:27 02:37:00
12:30 07:46 02:44:00
13:00 08:05 02:50:00
13:30 08:23 02:57:00
14:00 08:42 03:03:00
14:30 09:01 03:10:00
15:00 09:19 03:17:00
15:30 09:38 03:23:00
16:00 09:56 03:30:00