Runner Waiver:

Runner waiver is part of the finalization runners registrations.

All participants must complete their race registration and come with a photo ID to pick up race packet. No exceptions will be made.


Parental Waiver:

A parent or legal guardian must complete and sign the release for all participants under the age of 18. This waiver has to be signed as well as the minor runner waiver. No exceptions will be made.


Download the Parental Waiver.




Personal Insurance Policy:

As per the French legislation (Art. L321-4 of the sports code), it is compulsory to inform runners in regards of the Personal Insurance Policy. Personal insurance: most usual insurance (guaranteed via credit cards, insurance, etc.) excludes any participation in a sports competition and therefore the risks associated with your participation in the races of the Disneyland Paris Run Weekend.

It is important that you check the guarantees and exclusions of your potential personal daily insurance, and if appropriate, subscribe an individual insurance which covers the risks.
This subscription is optional but highly recommended, to the extent where it is the only one to offer participants in a physical activity and sport, a warranty for damage they cause to themselves or when perpetrators are not found. It will intervene in addition or absence of any current insurance. It can be done with the insurer of your choice.

General Liability:

"In accordance with the law, the organizer has subscribed insurance covering the consequences of their general liability, their attendant and all participants for the various races of the Disneyland Paris Run Weekend. We remind that the organization is neither responsible for participants' bags lockers or their content. It belongs to each competitor to take the necessary measures for preserving his personal belongings"